Importance of Scooping Your Dog’s Poop

Do you want your dog to be considered as a nuisance by your neighbors only because you are not able to take its full responsibility? Picking up after your dog’s poop is excruciatingly important because of the dire risks that are involved otherwise. If you are reading this blog, you must be wondering about the reasons why you have been asked to perform such a gross task.

Some of these reasons can be:

1.    It’s in Law

According to the law book of several urban and suburban centers in the country, the owner of the dog is required to take full responsibility of their dog’s pooping habits. They should, firstly, train them and then, make sure that the neighborhood is not affected by their waste. 

2.    Bad to the Environment

Do you know that dog’s poop is the third largest cause of water pollution in America? 1 gram of dog’s feces can result in to 23 million fecal bacteria. These bacteria seep through soil into the water reservoirs under Earth’s surface and thus, contaminating it. Even the water waste system is not designed to deal with these bacteria. They get inside human bodies, eventually leading towards gastro-intestinal diseases. Also, the same water when evaporated, can be showered upon us as rain.

3.    Increased Sense of Citizenship

It is our social responsibility as a caretaker of our pets to clean up after them. They are just like kids to us, and parents usually have no problem in wiping off their child’s waste. Besides, your relationship with your neighbor would soon decline on the account of dirty sidewalks. No one wants to step on it and ruin their entire day. Thus, in order to keep your social relationships intact make sure that you don’t leave any of your pet’s dung unattended.

4.    Unhygienic for Others

You cannot expect people to step up on your dog’s poop and stay amiable whatsoever. Dog’s poop is considered highly unhygienic for the environment because it contaminates the entire locality with its odor. Fleas, insects and flies surround the vicinity and then end up on others food. Also, the bacteria produced by it are the biggest cause of several acute diseases.

5.    Harmful for the Pets as well

Dog poops attract ticks and fleas to a largest extent. No matter what measures you have taken for the prevention of your pet, this can be harmful for all the other animals living in the area.

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