How to Prevent Pet Theft?

Petnapped? Sounds strange? Not if you are aware of the statistics that have risen since a few years. According to, an estimated two million pets are stolen in the United States each year. Your pet can be kidnapped for numerous reasons such as laboratory experiments, ransoms, dog-fighting, and many others. Following is a list of ways to ensure your pet’s prevention.

1.    Keep them inside

Pet thieves are always on a look out for unaccompanied animals. If you are not at home, make sure that your little one is inside your house. Although we hate tying them up, it is the only way to guarantee their security. What you can do is to keep the leash longer than usual so that they can wander around the house and play whatever they want.

2.    Don’t leave them unattended

It is understandable that you cannot take your pets inside grocery shops, but don’t leave them alone tied up to your car or the nearest pole, unattended.  They would be taken away in no time.

3.    Tag your pet with your identity

It is a legal practice to place a collar around your pet’s neck that with your name and address. Also, avoid putting your pet’s name because that would help the thief to get acquainted with the innocent one.

4.    Microchip your pet

This one is a highly effective strategy. If your pet is micro chipped, no matter who takes it away, the tracker will allow you to pinpoint its location. It is also a brilliant way to catch pet thieves red-handed and plays a role in decreasing the crime rate.

5.    Don’t trust just anyone with your pet

Do not trust everyone and anyone with your pet’s safety. Try to do some active research on the pet care agencies before leaving your precious ones with them. Also, avoid talking to people who seem unusually interested in the pet’s whereabouts. They are the culprits usually.

6.    Train you pets to come back to you

Train your pets to return back to you when they are called. Try to learn their sign language and make them learn a few cues. That can serve as the secret code between you and the pet, enabling better understanding and prevention.

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